Our straws are made of environmentally friendly paper straw materials, can be completely degraded after use, and will not cause any pollution to the environment, the product through the FDA testing and detection of EU standards, in line with the United States and Europe hygiene requirements for food packaging.

JoJostraws.com is an online retail store specializing in biodegradable paper straws.
Our main business however is wholesale distribution of biodegradeble paper straws for western Canada and the lower mainland area for restaurants ,nightclubs,neighbourhood pubs ,coffee houses,casinos and hotels we try to keep the most popular wholesale straws in stock that being the solid black and plain white standard short and tall cocktail straws in 6 inch and 8 inch length, 6mm width. If you are interested in a wholesale purchase please contact us and we can discuss the quantities you would like for us to provide and we can work out your best pricing.For costumers in the lower mainland area we deliver the straws direct to your business. We have all sizes and colors available and we can also have your brand printed on the straws for a very affordable price.

Why should your lower mainland business want to have JoJo biodegradable straws as your exclusive distributor?

Because we guarantee to give you competitive, fair pricing and above all great service, and our straws are better made and stronger than many of the competitor straws we have compared and tested.

We are community connected company based locally here in North Vancouver and by supporting , and building a business relationship with us you are supporting our mission which is to help rid The lower mainland of single use plastic’s.
We donate and support these exceptional local organizations and urge you to support them as well Ocean wise and Oceana Canada.

As a business owner and potential client

We invite you to do the research and hopefully come to the same conclusion that biodegradable paper straws are the best solution for the upcoming ban on plastic straws for lower mainland businesses

Why Paper Straws?

We believe that paper and glass straws are the only feasible environmental-friendly option for straw use. Obviously the plastic straw has to go most of us have seen the turtle video but it’s not just our good friend the turtle.
Nearly every Sea bird on earth is eating plastic. Also negatively affected are sea lions ,seals ,whales and dolphins and the fish.
A study found that hundreds of species of cetaceans have been negatively impacted by plastic pollution in the past two decades. The obstructions often puncturing and tearing the stomach lining, leading to starvation and death. According to Marine Pollution Bulletin, cetaceans are ingesting plastic debris at a rate as high as 31 percent, and in turn, 22 percent of those cetaceans were at an increased risk of death.

The supposed biodegradable plant based compostable straws are certainly not the answer. Plastic is plastic !this ever growing bioplastic industry in theory says they break down naturally in the environment or may be composted.
The claim that these plastics are readily biodegradable is miss leading, most biodegradable bio plastics will only break down in a high temperature industrial composting facility not your average household compost bin these compostable bio plastic straws only breakdown under certain ideal conditions and will not breakdown for months and months if at all.
The metal reusable straws look cool and don’t have the negative environmental impact but don’t reveal dirt or build up caught inside them and they can taint the flavor of your drink.
Leaving the glass straws which also look cool ,don’t have negative environmental impact and don’t taint the taste of your drink making them the best choice but do have the drawback that like the metal reusable straws they are targets for theft are susceptible to breakage and they are expensive.
The glass straw is superior option of all straw options but we believe biodegradable paper straws to be the most cost effective earth friendly option.

Message from Joe owner of JoJo straws

I’ve met and spoke with the number of business owners in the greater Vancouver area of these past weeks introducing myself Passing out business cards and samples of our straws and offering our product information/pricing.

Many businesses are going with the corn-based bio plastic straw I do urge you to research and see that the straws are missed leading in their claims and public awareness is coming around to understand they are not a good choice environmentally I want to invite you to inquire about the paper straws which are a truly environmental friendly alternative to the bio plastic straws for a price point not much higher than what you’re probably paying for the bio plastic straws. Give us a call we would love to hear from you.


Environmental facts

We strongly believe the time has come to end the cycle of single use plastics.And are currently actively involved in the movement to ban plastic grocery bags in the lower mainland same as has recently been done on Vancouver island.
Its clear that plastic pollution impacts virtually every living organism in, or thriving off of, the oceans of our world. This is simply not acceptable. The balance of our ecosystem is essential to our quality of life and will ultimately depend on when the world decides to stop turning a blind eye to the issue and make the necessary lifestyle changes.In the U.S. alone, people discard 500 million straws every day, or more than 180 billion a year. That’s about 1.4 million kilograms of plastic sent to landfills and into the oceans every day there are 5 gigantic garbage patch islands floating in our oceans the biggest is the great pacific garbage patch it is approximately the size of eastern Australia.
Approximately 1,500 plastic water bottles are put in landfill and the ocean every second the time has come to stop using plastic bags ,straws and bottles.
The time has come to eradicate the use of single use plastics entirely,together we can reduce the pollution in our environment and our oceans “let’s all be part of the solution not the pollution”.

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