We believe that paper and glass straws are the only feasible environmental-friendly option for straw use.

Obviously the plastic straw has to go most of us have seen the turtle video but it’s not just our good friend the turtle.

Nearly every Sea bird on earth is eating plastic

Also negatively affected are sea lions ,seals ,whales and dolphins and the fish.

A study found that hundreds of species of cetaceans have been negatively impacted by plastic pollution in the past two decades. The obstructions often puncturing and tearing the stomach lining, leading to starvation and death. According to Marine Pollution Bulletin, cetaceans are ingesting plastic debris at a rate as high as 31 percent, and in turn, 22 percent of those cetaceans were at an increased risk of death.

The supposed biodegradable plant based compostable straws are certainly not the answer. Plastic is plastic !this ever growing bioplastic industry in theory says they break down naturally in the environment or may be composted.
The claim that these plastics are readily biodegradable is miss leading, most biodegradable bio plastics will only break down in a high temperature industrial composting facility not your average household compost bin these compostable bio plastic straws only breakdown under certain ideal conditions and will not breakdown for months and months if at all

The metal reusable straws look cool and don’t have the negative environmental impact but don’t reveal dirt or build up caught inside them and they can taint the flavour of your drink

Leaving the glass straws which also look cool ,don’t have negative environmental impact and don’t taint the taste of your drink making them the best choice but do have the drawback that like the metal reusable straws they are targets for theft are susceptible to breakage and they are expensive

The glass straw is superior option of all straw options but we believe biodegradable paper straws to be the most cost effective earth friendly option for bars coffee shops and restaurants.

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